LMS for Government and Public Sector

JLMS for Government does everything you need for a straight forward, out of the box solution at an affordable price and can be branded to look like your own.

With simple user management, content automations and much more, we have built a system with ease of use in mind.

It can be accessed from any device and any location to make it even easier to manage your training from wherever you are.

If you are a Government or Public Sector organisation looking for an efficient way to manage your training, please visit our Digital Marketplace Listing for further information.

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LMS for Government and Public Sector



  • SCORM and Tin Can Compliant
  • Scalable, enterprise friendly solution based on usage
  • Engaging and intuitive interface for users and Administrators
  • Automated rules based content assignment to streamline your processes
  • Course Catalogue browsing and Personalised Learning Plans
  • Keyword and Advanced Searching
  • Social and Informal Learning, Gamification and Leader Board
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • Extensive and straightforward Administration capabilities
  • Integration with systems such as Active Directory and HR systems


  • Dramatically reduces the costs of delivering training
  • Cuts down the time to get people trained
  • Organises all of your content in a central location
  • Gives your learners 24 hour access to learning content
  • Tracks usage and performance of your learners
  • Ensures organisations remain up-to-date with compliance requirements
  • Easily update course content for all learners
  • Blends self-paced training with informal and social learning
  • Leverages Cloud based hosting to lessen the burden on your IT


JLMS for Government is an easy to set up, enterprise friendly platform which can be customised to give it your own look and feel. It can accommodate any number of learners and is scaled based on the usage of your learners.

It includes an uncomplicated interface, to make access to learning as straightforward as possible for your learners. With functionality and tools to help you find learning and get support, your learners will hit the ground running.

Check out the Resources page to find more information.