JLearn Ecommerce

Jlearn Ecommerce is a shopping cart add-on for JLMS Enterprise. This allows you to take payments for access to courses and provides the flexibility for managing costs, license terms and more.

Any type of course can be added to the JLearn Ecommerce catalogue meaning you can take payment for any and all of the training that you provide.

WIth integration into most payment gateways, including PayPal or your own merchant service provider, users can easily purchase access to your courses and receive payment confirmation emails for this.


  • Fully integrated with the JLMS Enterprise platform
  • Easily allows you to monitize your course content
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Can be integrated to your own existing merchant payment system
  • Order history for users
  • Administration of orders and configuration
  • Admin reports


JLearn is an ecommerce solution module that allows a company to charge for training, using various licensing models. Designed to work with JLMS, it can provide a multitude of commerce scenarios for your training company, or to market to your own employees.

The JLearn Ecommerce solution is designed for companies that wish offer up their online or Classroom based courses on their Course Catalogue for sale to learners. Users can view the courses made available for sale on the course catalog which is managed using the JLMS Course Catalogue functionality. The users can purchase the courses online and have access to these within a matter of minutes after paying using their Credit or Debit cards or via PayPal.

The flexible design of this solution makes it easily adaptable to suit your specific eCommerce solutions, whether it be partial of fully eCommerce enabled.

Check out the Resources page to find more information.