JTEMS Training Event Management

The JZero Training Events Management System (TEMS) allows you to manage your classroom/face to face training classes and also virtual webinar training events. Incorporated seamlessly into the JLMS Enterprise platform, it provides a single interface, results oriented training system that will allow for blended learning programmes to be easily created.

JTEMS Training Event Management


  • Instructors can post training events to the system for students to access online and request attendance
  • A simple Add Event wizard takes you through the steps to create and edit events
  • Training events categories include:
    • Instructor Led Training
    • Seminars
    • Live Virtual Training
    • Recorded Web Cast Events
  • A learning resource management system is available, allowing management of items such as classrooms, projectors, computers etc.
  • This can also be used as a library booking system for the lending of books, CD's, etc.
  • Multiple venue types are allowed, such as Conference Hall, Learning Centre, and Meeting Rooms
  • Both In-House and External training events can be scheduled
  • Events can be categorised as part of the overall LMS Catalogue
  • Both Internal and External Instructors can be given access to the system, both with different levels of access
  • An Event Co-ordinator role is also available
  • A complete request and approval process looks after the details of who can and cannot attend, plus:
    • Costs tracking
    • Pre and Post Event reading material
    • Attendance Management
  • Email templates can be edited by Administrators for Joining Instructions, Approvals, Rejections, Wait Listed and Cancellations
  • A Learning Calendar is available for students, and Instructors


JTEMS is a comprehensive training events system for the management of your classroom based and virtual courses. As it is fully integrated into the JLMS Enterprise platform, it compliments the elearning capability of the system, allowing the scheduling and managing of truly blended learning programmes. Tpgether with the Resource Management system, you have all your learning management tasks in one place.

Check out the Resources page to find more information.